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Brandmeister-DRC Support Page

This webpage provides Denver Radio Club's Brandmeister Network Resources:

DRC's Brandmeister Codeplugs, Configuration and Operations instructions,
and links to other websites with Brandmeister info.

The Denver Radio Club DRM Repeater
is Now a BrandMeister Repeater

Our DMR repeater is no longer operating on the DMR-MARC network.
It is now running on the BrandMeister Network -- a world-wide digital amateur radio network.

For general information about using the BrandMeister Network, please to visit the following links: (this is a PDF file) - Creating DMR Code Plug Files

Also, please read the full, updated, article about the change-over to the BrandMeister network
in the February & March 2017 issues of The Roundtable newsletter.

Please send us feedback about your experiences, suggestions,
or questions regarding our BrandMeister repeater & network.

Send your E-mails to:
Thank You!

DRC Brandmeister Updates

By Bill Rinker, W6OAV
Update of:

The DRC BrandMeister repeater has a new powerful Local Talk group.
The new Local Talk Group is 310804 which replaces the original Local Talk Group 2.
The new Talk Group allows connections to it by remote users who either use a DMR Hotspot
or have access to a remote BrandMeister repeater.

Group 310804 is statically programmed on Time Slot 2 which means it is always on.
Therefore, local users monitoring this Talk Group will hear any incoming calls.

Users without DMR radios can monitor this Talk Group
by pointing their browsers to  .
The webpage will show any calls that have occurred in the last 15 minutes.

Denver Radio Club's WØTX Brandmeister Code Plugs

Tytera MD-380 and MD-390 Radios:
In order to properly use the new repeater configuration, you must load the latest code plug
(W0TX_MD380-390_yyyymmdd.rdt) into your MD-380/390.
This code plug is the 08-06-2016 version of the RMHAM code plug with the W0TX BrandMeister zone added by Bill, W6OAV.

Connect System's CS-750 Radio:
The W0TX version codeplug (W0TX_CS-750_yyyymmdd.rdb)has been provided by Tom, KC2CAG.

Motorola Radios:
The W0TX codeplug is under development

Hytera Radios:
The W0TX codeplug is under development

Click Here to download WØTX Brandmeister Code Plugs for your DMR radio.