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The following items are offered by W0PAB:

Elecraft K1 number #2882, professionally assembled by Alan Wilcox.
Pristine condition and very few hours of use. 
Asking $400.00  (New: $450 + $250 for assembly).

(Four other items have been SOLD and removed from this list)
For above items, please contact:
Pablo, W0PAB, Littleton CO.     (Posted April 6, 2015)

DRC equipment for sale. Discounts from prices listed are available for DRC members.
Listing current as of April 17, 2015.

Yaesu FT-2000 HF/6M Transceiver with SP-2000 speaker and 
MD-100 station microphone all in like new condition. $1950.00
HF power amplifier RF deck – 2kW with 2 4-400 tubes (no power supply).. $300.00
Bencher HexKey IAMBIC CW paddle. $180.00
Ameritron ARB-704 Amplifier interface. $45.00
Heathkit HN-31 Cantenna dummy load. $30.00
Daiwa CN-801(V) SWR meter 140-525MHz 20W/200W. $95.00
Daiwa CN-801(HP) SWR meter 1.8-200MHz 20/200/2000W. $100.00
Newtronics Hustler 5BTV HF vertical antenna 80/40/20/15/10. $30.00
Arrow GP 146/440 Ground plane base antenna. $35.00
Diamond X200 146/440 Collinear base antenna. $75.00
Diamond CR627BNMO 50/144/440 Mobile antenna. $50.00
Larsen NLA-150 2M 5/8 Mobile antenna. $10.00
Larsen KG270 144/440 Through glass mobile antenna $40.00
MFJ-1717 High gain HT antenna with BNC connector.$10.00
Diamond K9000 Motorized mobile roof rack antenna mount . $75.00
Diamond K400 Mobile antenna lip mount. $40.00
Diamond K412SNMO Mobile antenna lip mount. $40.00
Tektronix 2213 60MHz oscilloscope. $225.00
Hewlett-Packard 50MHz oscilloscope – 180A/1801A/1821A. $100.00
Heathkit V-7A Vacuum tube voltmeter. $10.00
Cobra SR925 Scanner receiver. $10.00
Simpson Digital multimeter. $10.00
Weston Analog multimeter. $10.00
MFJ-969 Deluxe VersaTuner II antenna tuner 160-6M 300W. $120.00
MFJ-986 Differential T Tuner 160-10M 3kW. $150.00

Contact Orlen WW0LF at or 303.279.6264 for further information.     (Posted April 2, 2015)


WANTED for my Colorado license plate collection:
A pair of 1965 Ham Radio Colorado license plates.
Please contact Woody, W0UI, 303-660-1616,     (Posted May 31, 2015)

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