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The Denver Radio Club, WØTX

Providing Amateur Radio Services for the Denver Area Since 1917.
Denver Colorado, U.S.A.
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Our next meeting will be on January 17th, at 7:00 pm.
The presentation topic is:

Every Day in TV Production is a Field Day

Broadcast Power Distribution Box Above: The electric power distribution box, providing power from a portable generator, at a big news story.

Presented by Paul Deeth, WA2YZT,
DRC Member and Broadcast Engineer with KCNC-TV.

Getting the News Story from the Actual Location into Your Home

Paul will give us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to transmit live on-scene news back to the television studio and on into your home.

He will show us, with lots of behind-the-scenes pictures, just how much equipment, wiring, and advanced technology it takes.

With a combined total of 45 years experience, the last 20 at the CBS station KCNC-TV as the Transmitter Maintenance Supervisor, Paul can really give us ... "the rest of the story".

Paul holds an FCC 1st class radiotelephone license, and is the winner of 5 Heartland Chapter Emmy awards for Television Engineering Excellence for his engineering work on the Boulder Bolder race remote broadcast. He has been a HAM since 1973 with a General class license. He is the owner of the TRBO UHF repeater at Lookout Mtn., with interconnection to the RM Ham Radio statewide system. He has been working with RM Ham Radio for several years on the State DMR system - installing microwave dishes and antennas at remote sites. He also hosts the D-STAR system at Lookout Mtn.

This will be a fascinating, educational, presentation...
please mark your calendars now to attend!

We will be meeting at the Jefferson County Administration & Courts Bldg.
100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO
in Hearing Room #2
Coordinates: 39.727962N , -105.201500W
Full details are found in the "Club Meetings" link to the left.


SPECIAL REQUEST regarding Colds and the Flu:
We always like to see every DRC member at every meeting and activity,
but, if you are sick or suspect you may have the Flu, a Cold or other similar ailment ...

Please DO NOT EXPOSE fellow Club members.

This is the time when you should Not Attend the meeting.
Thanks for your understanding.



As every Coloradoan knows, the winter weather can take a sudden change for the worse.
Should that happen the day of our monthly DRC meeting,
listen for meeting status reports on our 145.49 or 448.625 MHz repeaters
during the afternoon of the meeting day.


Back Issues of The RoundTable Newsletter are now available on this website.

There is now an index to articles.

For more information and access,
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The DRC BrandMeister repeater's Local Talk Group id is 310804.
This Talk Group allows connections into the repeater by remote users who either
use a DMR Hotspot or have access to a remote BrandMeister repeater.

Click on the DRC Brandmeister link in the left column to go to the DRC's Brandmeister page
for full information and to download WØTX code plugs.

To read the DRC President's Message from our monthly Club Newsletter, "The RoundTable"...
please click on "President's Message", in the left column.

The complete newsletter, in PDF format, is sent by e-mail to Club members each month.

Are you ready to expand your Amateur Radio horizons?

  • Try the DRC 6 Meter Repeater. 
    Receive it on 53.090 Mhz., transmit to it on 52.090 Mhz., using a 107.2 Hz. access tone.
  • Experiment with the 1.25 Meter Band using our 220 Repeater. 
    Receive on 224.380 MHz., transmit on 222.780 MHz., using a 100.0 Hz access tone.
  • And, if you have packet capability -- 
    Our HF-VHF Packet Gateway will let you work the world on packet through the gateway node WØTX-7.
    Try it at 145.05 Mhz on 2 meters or 14.105 Mhz on 20 meters

These repeaters and the packet gateway (2M side) can be used by 
all hams with Technician class and above licenses.

They are located west of Denver in Lakewood, providing local metropolitan area coverage - 
however, they are not wide area repeaters.

And, remember that our wide area repeater on Squaw Mountain, 449.350,
is also an EchoLink® station, number 4140.
Call your out of town ham friends, or have them call you
by connecting through their local EchoLink® station or their PC.

Please click on our DRC Repeaters the left column... 
it has photos showing our EchoLink® repeater location.

Ready for your Ham license?    Time to Upgrade?    Need to find a VE Testing Session?

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New WANTED and/or FOR SALE items have been posted.

Check out our Trading Post page.

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"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

Michael Vespoli, KEØHFH; and Brennan Pate, ADØUZ;
are our Emergency Communications Coordinators.

For important information regarding Emergency Communications,
Click on "EmComm Info", in the left column.

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The DRC is an American Radio Relay League Special Services Club

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The Denver Radio Club

Since 1917

Now in our 100th Year
of Serving Amateur Radio in the Denver area!

Here is a link to view  Some Early QSTs and Amateur Radio History (in PDF file format)


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