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The Denver Radio Club, WØTX

Providing Amateur Radio Services for the Denver Area Since 1917.
Denver Colorado, U.S.A.
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Amateur Radio Examinations

The DRC is now providing VE test sessions by appointment.

If you are interested in testing to get your FCC Amateur Radio License,
please contact:

Thomas F Kocialski, KC2CAG
DRC VE Team Leader
E-Mail to Tom Kocialski:

Mel Minnick, KØMEL
E-Mail to Mel Minnick:

Please put "DRC VE Test Request" in the e-mail Subject line.


Candidates for exams at the DRC VE Team test sessions
should notify the VE Coordinator, KC2CAG,
at least two days before the scheduled exam session if they decide not to test.

This will allow time for the VE team members to cancel the exam session, if needed.

Thank You.


You can also contact the South Metro VE Team via their web page at: