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The DRC President's Monthly News Letter

Here is the Newsletter for January, 2018:

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By Gerry Villhauer - WØGV

Hello DRC Members,

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyable holiday season. Winter weather finally got here. Fortunately, our annual Holiday Party missed the cold and snow by only one day. The party came off very well by all reports in spite of a last minute disaster. When Cathy called to order the food, as previously planned with Boston Market, they refused to take the order. They stated they were “at capacity” although we had talked to them and had our profile put in their computer three days earlier and were assured the date we picked to order would be no problem. After the shock of “Oh my God, what are we going to do!” Cathy and I said we will have to do it ourselves. We set out for Costco, Sam's Club, King Soopers and a couple other places and had most of what we thought we needed by about 3 p.m. on Sunday. Oh Yeah! How about the meatloaf for 50 people? I contacted my long time friend Ernie Edwards of Edwards Meats at 44th and Youngfield. His crew made up the bulk meatloaf and Ernie said he would come to Highlands on Wednesday, bring the meatloaf and cut up the chickens for us. So with Ernie, Cathy, my daughter Marcy and granddaughter Kaylea, and our Jobs Daughters crew, we did it!

A big thank you to Jeff Irvin (KB0CHT) for his presentation at our Christmas/Holiday Party on the new Jefferson County Communications and 911 Center, JEFFCOM. This was very interesting and valuable information, especially if you live in Jefferson County. I believe Jeff will offer us a tour of the new facility when it is up and running and ready for visitors. We will be looking forward to that.

Our January program will be presented by Paul Deeth (WA2YZT). Paul is the Transmitter Maintenance Supervisor for KCNC-TV Channel 4. Previously Paul hosted us on a visit to the transmitter site on Lookout Mountain, which was super interesting. Paul’s presentation is titled “Every day in TV production is Field Day”. He will have behind the scenes pictures of how much wiring and equipment setup goes in to getting news back to the studio and to your home for viewing. Mark your calendar for January 17th so you don’t miss it.

Thanks to our new members for making the DRC “Your Club”. Please come to meetings and other events and stay active. Your name and call will be listed in this issue of the Round Table.

Finally, Thanks to everyone who attended the Christmas/Holiday party. It is very gratifying to the organizers knowing that we provided an enjoyable and successful event.

73 for now,

Gerry, WØGV
Denver Radio Club